Monday, September 6, 2010

fall fashion inspiration i mentioned in my previous blog, i am highly anticipating the change in wardrobe that comes with fall. i was perusing the j. crew website and found some unbelievable outfits that i had to post. below are some of my faves:

a tweed blazer is a must for my shopping list this year. it's so versatile and can be thrown easily over a slouchy tee with skinny jeans or a polished business top.

thigh high socks are a HUGE trend this season. i like them on other people, i'm just not so sure if i could pull them off.
i feel like i might look too 'naughty school girl' in them. (think britney spears' 'hit me baby one more time' from the 90s.) oh no, disaster.

i'm in love with this outfit, from the stockings to the leather coat. it's effortless beauty at its best. a leather coat (i already have one, but i'm not thrilled with the color anymore), tights, ankle boots, and a 'go with anything' skirt are also must-haves on my shopping list.

this is a great every day outfit. i would switch out the skirt for something less sparkly for daytime though. the skinny belt is an essential also. camel is a great color for belts and shoes as it meshes well with most colors.

long slouchy cardigans. i'm going to stock up on these. they can be worn loose or cinched with a belt. either way, they're lovely and comfy.

i'm digging this jean shirt. again, it's very versatile. i love buying neutral items that can be paired with almost anything because it insures that they will be worn many times, and in turn, cuts down on shopping costs.

and finally, military inspired items are huge this season. from shoes to jackets, they're all over the place.

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