Monday, May 24, 2010

on a lighter note

macgruber is hysterical and ridiculously w r o n g in parts. such a good way to end a somber week! thanks, macgruber ; ]

it's hard to say goodbye

i hate to write a downer of a blog, but this past week has been a wild one and i feel like sharing. i got a call last wednesday that my grandpa, who had been in the hospital from an extended illness for about two weeks, wasn't doing well at all. my whole family gathered together in his room for what would become a day filled with some of the toughest decisions we could have imagined. my papa passed away that evening around 6pm. it was hard to let go, but we know he has gone home and is at peace now.

i think of all the memories i have with him and my nanny and how many more we could have made if only i had went to visit him more when i had the chance. you always think you have more time than you do. my advice to myself and everyone is to really and truly take advantage of each moment we have with our family. you never know when that picture, laugh, memory, argument, or visit might be the last one.