Thursday, July 30, 2009


it's incredible how much three months spent in a new place far, far away from home will open your eyes to the world. i've met people from all corners of the earth and walks of life. most are wanderers, some are students and others are here for money. no matter what their motive is, each and every one offers a glimpse into another way of life. there is so much to be learned and experienced!
i've always looked at traveling as something i would like to do, but something i didn't have the means to do until now. seasonal jobs, like the one i'm working, are available literally all over the world. if you can scrounge up money for a plane ticket your pretty much set.

my advice to everyone is go, see, conquer, do it. travel, travel, travel.

Friday, July 10, 2009

i do

by far my favorite project of all! benji and i scavenged thrift stores, antique malls and yes, the local recyling center for months for these vintage bottles. i have a slight obsession with eclectic vintage bottles and decided they would make great centerpieces. for added height they were stacked on vintage books also scavenged. (condensed readers digests have the best designs.) peacock feathers, twigs and assorted flowers were added. in the background the favor table is barely visible. on top is an iron outdoor planter i borrowed from a neighbor and spray painted in off white to hold them. benji and i gathered assorted hot teas and put them in small card-board take-out boxes with little tags attached that read, "steep, drink, and be merry! ashley & benji may 30th 2009"

i got these amazing frames from ikea. the only color option was black so i spray painted them and got our engagement photos enlarged in black and white. they were great over the fireplace and bar.

our cake was made by a family friend. twigs are from hobby lobby...birds are from a seller on ebay. blue love birds on top were donated by friends.

we made tissue pom-poms inspired by martha stewart to hang over the bar area. (target has the best seletion of tissue paper!) fabric purchased from hobby lobby in coordinating colors was sewn into a huge table cloth by my helpful mother-in-law.

lanterns in various shades of greens and blues were purchased from luna bazaar and hung over the dancefloor. four strands of white christmas lights i found on amazon were strung from the center to the four corners of the room.

i think i can humbly say that our wedding ended up exceeding all of our expectations. the weather was perfect from the temperature to the cloudless blue sky. the music, decorations, friends, family and food were spectacular! i don't think the dance floor was empty once. it was such a good time and i'm so sad it's over, but so happy to be married! planning the wedding and being able to pull it off sucessfully and see the wonderful results has definitely inspired me to not let this be the last. i would love to be able to design weddings as a part of my future endeavors.
because of our lack of funds and our bubbling creativity our wedding was a real do-it-yourselfer. our invitations and programs were designed by my oh so talented hubby and illustrator,
benji williams. unfortunately i don't have access to a picture of either now, but i will add them asap. i lended myself to the decorating. a little bit kitschy and a lot eclectic...hope you like it!