Friday, April 30, 2010

cheery living rooms

i don't know who's responsible for this colorful room, but i love it.

tamara robbins gibbons from Style at Home

thanks to lonny mag

thanks to spanish mag

Thursday, April 29, 2010


welp, looks like i've landed an internship at dreamy gelato, a super cute and delicious gelato shop in the avenue this quarter. the shop owner has asked me to design her storefront display for the summer season. she has requested that everything be handmade. i have two weeks to come up with two different designs to present to her for the shop. soooo, needless to say i have been gathering some inspiration photos for my design and why start looking anywhere but with the best? hands down, anthropologie has the most artistic, original and innovative window displays in my opinion. more often than not, their displays are handmade which is even better.

spring display made of recycled plastic bottles that have been painted and cut into flowers. genius!

images taken from my sparrow

it looks like ribbon and paper have been artfully cut for this display.

this display is incredibly made from fabric scraps that have been dyed, cut and strung together beautifully.

this one has a very sculptural quality about it. it is made of cupcake liners. can you believe that?

this has anthropologie written all over it...and it makes me wanna have a cup of tea. right now.

unbelievable. plastic milk jugs have been recycled in this winter display to form an igloo.

definitely a simpler display for anthro. i love this one though. i'm a sucker for a collage...just can't get enough of them.

books have been taken apart and formed into trees or vines that drape around the window.