Monday, August 30, 2010


it's safe to say autumn is my favorite season of all. my love for fall started back when i was a kid as did my love for decorating. i remember each and every holiday, especially halloween, getting sooooo excited to pull out all of the fall stuff and decorate the house. i loved trick-or-treating and dressing up almost as much.

fall is swiftly approaching and i could not be more happy about it! these are a few things that i'm super stoked about: apple cider, fall fashion, cold nights spent snuggled up under a blanket, camping, camp fires, pumpkin carving, drives through the mountains, falling leaves, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin filling the house, butternut squash soup and other fall recipes, and halloween of course! i can almost smell the warm apple cider and camp fire burning. not to mention it's all i can do to keep myself from throwing on a long shirt, cardigan, leggings and a pair of boots in this 90 degree heat.

so to get myself really inspired and even more excited i went to one of my usual sources of inspiration, we heart it, and typed in 'fall'. these are some of my favorite finds.

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