Friday, October 29, 2010

antique window art

a few weeks ago i purchased an old window from an antique store. i had it propped up against the wall in my living room unsure of exactly what i wanted to do with it until yesterday. i almost liked the way it looked on the floor, but i decided to add a little pizazz and hang it on our big bare wall in the living room.

the supplies are pretty simple for this project and may even consist of things you have lying around the house. gather a sponge or small paint brush (i ended up using a paint brush which isn't pictured), acrylic craft paint in your desired color, stencils of your choice, and tape.

i put my window up against the baseboard to keep it nice and straight. i chose to paint on the back of the window so that the designs would be protected from scratches. decide a pattern that you would like to do, and tape down the stencils. paint them and give a quick dry with the hair dryer on "cool". slowly peel of the stencil. the big thing here is to not worry with perfection. i went back over mine with a second coat of paint once they were dry. you could probably find a protectant to seal the designs, but i just left mine as so if i ever want to change it up i can easily remove the designs with a little cleaner and a sponge.

make sure each design is dry and wah-la you've got a new piece of art to hang!

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